Shiso Green

The flavor of Shiso Green combines perfectly with fish but watercress is also suitable as a garnish on a cheese plate, as part of a salad or sandwich. Try combining Shiso Green with a tuna tartar – it’s absolutely perfect!

Shiso Green is commonly used in the Far East. Almost no fish dish is eaten without being accompanied by this essence. One reason is the anti-poisoning effect of this plant: it is not a bad reason, considering that fish is almost always served raw. Both green and red Shiso are known in Asia as anti-poisoning ingredients, preserving freshness and helping intestinal activity.

Shiso Green is available all year round and can be easily stored for up to 7 days at 12-16 ° C.

Shiso Green is sown and grown on absolutely clean natural fiber substrate. The plant is produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods and complies with hygiene standards for culinary use.

  • Taste: Mint, anise
  • Use: Fish (raw), Japanese dishes, cheese
  • Cultivation: Without the use of pesticides, in a controlled and hygienic environment
  • Availability: All year round
  • Storage: Up to 7 days at 12-16 ° C


Shiso Green


Shiso Green