Melon (Cucumis melo L., 1753) is a climbing plant in the Cucurbitaceae family.

The term melon indicates both the fruit and the plant itself, depending on the contexts in which it is used.

It is widely cultivated for its edible, sweet and fragrant fruits.

The fruit of the melon is voluminous, oval or rounded in shape and “sliced” divisions are visible on the skin. The peel is almost smooth or slightly wrinkled, the color can vary from pale yellow to green tones. The pulp varies from white to orange and is juicy and very fragrant when it reaches maturity. The central, fibrous cavity contains many seeds. The fruits can be eaten raw both as an appetizer and as a dessert. They can also be cooked to obtain compotes and jams.

A good melon must be perfumed, exhale a typical perfume that indicates the right maturity.



  • Charentais

  • Esador

  • Gialletto

  • Giusto

  • Honey Moon

  • Jolly

  • Macigno

  • Mundial

  • Proteo

  • Retato

  • Supremo

  • Sweet

  • Tamaris

  • Tuareg