Salad is a dish used as a side dish or appetizer. It is a dish made up of several foods – but mainly lettuce characterized by being traditionally seasoned, at least in Italy, with oil, salt and other optional ingredients such as vinegar or lemon and pepper juice.

The term derives from the Latin salata, from sal, “salt”.

In common parlance, salad is often meant to be the simplest variant of this dish, namely green salad, prepared only with raw leafy vegetables such as lettuce or chicory. By extension, the word is also commonly used to indicate the raw material of the dish, that is, the vegetables themselves, in particular those without a common name.

If other raw vegetables are added to the leafy vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, fennel or radishes, this is called “mixed salad”.

You can also prepare pasta salads and rice salads, as well as other cereals, in which the pasta or cereals, after being boiled and cooled, are seasoned with various condiments.



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