White grapes

White grapes

Grapes are the fruit of the vine plant.

Wine grapes can also be consumed as fruit, and therefore as table grapes, but Italy, Pizzutello Bianco, Victoria grapes are the most tasty to eat fresh.

Ripe grapes represent a very pleasant food on the palate, as it is very sweet and sugary, and very refreshing. It is now grown throughout Italy and ripe white grapes and can be purchased in season in the months from July until late autumn.

The white grape is a small fruit with a firm and clear pulp, coated with a thin cuticle and a color tending to yellow-green. Sometimes there is a small core inside the grape, depending on the variety.


White grapes

  • Aledo

  • Italy

  • Paglieri

  • Pizzutella

  • Regina

  • Vittoria


White grapes