Mustard Cress

Mustard Cress

Mustard Cress has a strong wasabi / mustard flavor.

The various colors on the leaves give this cress a unique appearance.

This variant was selected based on the strong flavor of the young plant. It is an authentic flavoring in salads and is best expressed when combined with carpaccio or raw fish. It also represents a spicy addition to cold meat or fish dishes. Mustard Cress goes perfectly with the dishes of Asian cuisine.

Mustard cress is, in all respects, a Dutch product: seeds are also produced in Holland. During the summer the countryside is colored in the yellow of the rapeseed and mustard fields. Most of the fields are used as green manure but Kopper Cress and the mustard producers collect the seed.

Mustard cress is available all year round and can be easily stored for up to 7 days at 2-7 ° C.

Mustard is a known allergen. Mustard Cress is not properly mustard, but nevertheless it contains the substance that causes mustard allergy.

Mustard Cress is sown and grown on absolutely clean natural fiber substrate. Produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods and compliant with hygiene standards for culinary use.

  • Taste: Radish, wasabi
  • Use: Fish (raw) / meat dishes, Japanese dishes
  • Cultivation: Without the use of pesticides, in a controlled and hygienic environment
  • Availability: All year round
  • Storage: Up to 7 days at 2-7 ° C


Mustard Cress


Mustard Cress