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Why do we use the juice extractor?

The ideal tool to prepare fruit and vegetable juices is the extractor, the device we have chosen for our recipe. Of course, to prepare a fruit juice you can also use other tools, from the centrifuge, to the classic blender and not least the evergreen juicer.

The fruit and vegetable juice extractor has some irreplaceable advantages, the most important is the quality of extraction, determined by the slowness of the engine.

This characteristic allows to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the extracted juice, since there is no overheating of the plants. It keeps the chemical-physical state of the minerals and enzymes, of the trace elements, as well as the extremely thermolabile vitamins.

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Pineapples Mangoes Oranges Lime

Fruit and vegetables juice extract

Pineapple is a tropical fruit, a concentrate of beneficial properties for our health. It helps digestive functions, has incredible purifying, slimming and digestive properties, rich in calcium and various vitamins, such as Vitamin C which strengthens our immune system. It is an excellent diuretic and therefore helps to combat cellulite and water retention.

Mango in addition to containing numerous vitamins, is able to fully satisfy the need for vitamin A of an adult person, while also providing a significant amount of mineral salts.

Oranges are an important source of vitamins, just consume 2 or 3 oranges a day. Vitamin C is important primarily because it helps strengthen the immune system and thus helps prevent colds.

Lime, rich in vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant useful for the immune system. It is often confused with lemon or sometimes regarded as the English translation of the term “lemon”. In reality it is not the same citrus, even though it belongs to the same family.


  • Remove the peel and core from the pineapple
  •  Wash the Lime well
  • Peel the Mango
  • Peel the oranges
  • Cut into pieces and insert into the extractor

Sequence of insertion in the extractor