• VegExtract #1 Draining

Why do we use the juice extractor?

The ideal tool to prepare fruit and vegetable juices is the extractor, the device we have chosen for our recipe. Of course, to prepare a fruit juice you can also use other tools, from the centrifuge, to the classic blender and not least the evergreen juicer.

The fruit and vegetable juice extractor has some irreplaceable advantages, the most important is the quality of extraction, determined by the slowness of the engine.

This characteristic allows to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the extracted juice, since there is no overheating of the plants. It keeps the chemical-physical state of the minerals and enzymes, of the trace elements, as well as the extremely thermolabile vitamins.

VegExtract #1 Draining

Pineapple Apple Cucumber Ginger

Fruit and vegetables juice extract

This draining extract is perfect for fighting water retention, ideal for those who love fresh but not too sweet tastes!

Pineapple is a tropical fruit, a concentrate of beneficial properties for our health. It helps digestive functions, has incredible purifying, slimming and digestive properties, rich in calcium and various vitamins, such as Vitamin C which strengthens our immune system. It is an excellent diuretic and therefore helps to combat cellulite and water retention.
The apple helps protect the stomach, has astringent, antioxidant properties and is a friend of our intestines.
Cucumber is a fantastic vegetable (my favorite), and is rich in minerals and trace elements. It has great digestive and diuretic properties that will help you improve your well-being.
Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, has antibiotic properties and helps the stomach, intestines and heart to stay in shape.


  • Remove the peel and pineapple core
  • Wash the apples, remove the stalk and the core without peeling them
  • Wash the cucumbers well without removing the peel
  • Clean a small piece of ginger
  • Cut into pieces and insert into the juice extractor

Insertion sequence in the juice extractor