Rosemary is an aromatic perennial plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family.

The aroma of rosemary needles perfumes the rooms and makes many traditional Italian dishes distinctive.

Rosemary as a food and officinal plant has numerous properties that make it precious both in the kitchen and as a natural remedy. Rosemary has first of all antioxidant properties so that its extract is used for this purpose in the food sector.

The best known use of rosemary sees it as the protagonist of gardens, hedges, borders and gardens as an ornamental plant and as an officinal and culinary plant in vegetable gardens, window sills, terraces and balconies. Both fresh and dried rosemary leaves are used for both food and medicinal use.

We can use fresh or dry rosemary in the kitchen every day as a condiment for different dishes, it is perfect for flavoring hot dishes such as soups, velvety soups and soups.