The tangerine (Citrus reticulata Blanco, 1837) is a fruit tree belonging to the Rutaceae family.
It is one of the three original citrus fruits of the Citrus genus together with cedar and pomelo. Since the theory according to which all citrus fruits derive from these three species has been accepted, tangerine has certainly acquired historical importance, as it is the only sweet fruit among the three originals.

The name tangerine can refer both to the plant and to its fruit.

It derives from tropical China, and is identical to the name given to the ancient imperial political officials (and their family of languages) in that they were dressed in an orange cloak. The cultivation of the fruit arrived in Europe especially in Portugal and Spain, where it began to spread around the fifteenth century.
Another ancient name of the fruit is in fact portogal or portugal, from the Greek πορτοκάλι (portokali), a name also widespread in other languages ​​and in many Italian dialects, probably precisely to indicate the provenance, at European level, by Portugal.

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