Fuji is an apple variety created in Japan around 1930 by crossing two American apple varieties, Red Delicious and Kokko. It has a rounded shape, with a typically red or pink skin, with a sweet taste and juicy pulp.

Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious is an apple variety born in the USA (1891); it is one of the most common, being cultivated practically all over the world, with the characteristic golden-yellow skin, very juicy. Ripens from September to October. In Italy it is grown mainly in the Alpine arc.

Granny Smith
Granny Ramsey Smith, commonly known as Granny Smith (grandmother Smith), is originally from Australia (19th century); it is a natural hybrid (the discovery is due to Maria Ann Ramsey Sherwood Smith) of the wild apple tree with the apple tree. Typically all green, very compact and with a sour taste.

Royal Gala
It is a strain created in New Zealand in 1930 by crossing Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange. The appearance makes it the prototype of the classic apple: rounded shape, red skin, slightly streaked, compact and juicy flesh, sweetly aromatic flavor. For this reason, in Italy it is among the most popular varieties with the harvest that runs from May to September.

Stark Delicious
The Stark Delicious Apple, with an intense and sweet taste, is unique thanks to its bright red color, and is the most consumed variety in the world. It is among the most popular apples, also thanks to its shelf life. The inside has a melting and juicy pulp.


The apple, malum in latin, is the false fruit of the apple tree. Apples are the fruit of Pirus malus from the Rosaceae family. The tree, which can reach up to 8 meters in height is originally from Central Asia and the evolution of botanical apple trees dates back to the Neolithic period.

The italian term “mela” derives from the Latin melum, or malum, and, in turn, from the ancient Greek mêlon; the root of the term could rejoin the Indo-European Mal- from the meaning of “being soft”, “sweet” and thus having a link with “mallow” and “honey”.

The apple is the most seasonally adjusted “fruit” (it is found all year round) and this requires the presence of plants that provide for conservation and distribute its availability over a wide period of time.

Essential allies in food regimes, apples are rich in pectin, dietary fiber which, by regulating the passage of glucose from the intestine to the blood, helps to keep blood sugar levels under control and ensures slow and continuous absorption.

Made up of 84-88% of water, they are a valid food for the daily supply of the human body which needs at least 1 liter of water per day. Apples contain a good percentage of vitamin C which, by transporting oxygen, allows cellular respiration.

In the kitchen, the apple is used in the preparation of many recipes of various types; as well as in desserts, traditional culinary use of this fruit, we find it among the ingredients of first and second courses.

The apple harvest is carried out from the third week of July until October according to the variety; the summer ones (Gala group) are harvested between July and September, while the autumn-winter ones (Granny Smith, Golden delicious, Stark, Fuji) are harvested between September and October.



  • Fuji

  • Golden Delicious

  • Granny Smith

  • Royal Gala

  • Stark Delicious