Green sorrel

Green Sorrel

Green sorrel (in Latin Rumex acetosa) is a very common plant in Italy, easy to find and collect. It has intense green leaves: rich in water, slightly acidic, rich in vitamin C and iron and other substances that give it a pleasantly sour taste.

Rumex acetosa is a perennial plant that is often found wild even on damp and uncultivated meadows.

The leaves are of two types: the basal ones form a rosette and have a long petiole, while those arranged along the stem are sessile and have no petiole. In spring the young leaves are tender and bright green.

It is often used in soups and salads, but it also goes well with white meats.

The leaves of Acetosa are used in the kitchen, which can be mixed in mixed salads, boiled with other vegetables and in savory pies. Enhances the flavor of red meat and poultry. Also excellent as an ingredient in sauces to season pasta and sauces that flavor fish and meat.


Green sorrel


Green sorrel