Marjoram (Origanum Majorana) is an aromatic plant native to north eastern Africa and eastern Asia, territories in which it grows spontaneously. In Europe, however, it cannot develop spontaneously, but must necessarily be cultivated.

It belongs to the Labiate family, which also includes oregano, thyme, cumin, anise and fennel.

This spice with an intense and at the same time delicate flavor is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine and on the Riviera tradition.

It lends itself very well to accompany particularly tasty dishes based on meat or fish, but it is also excellent in combination with first courses, legumes, pizza, or foods with a strong taste such as mushrooms, nuts and cheeses.

In some regions it is used as an alternative to oregano, on tomatoes or in a pizza maker. It can be used both fresh and dried, but it is advisable to add it only at the end of cooking, to prevent heat from diminishing its organoleptic properties.