Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) Is an arboreal fruit species belonging to the Lauraceae family.

It is a fruit with wonderful nutritional qualities and beneficial effects for the body.

The benefits that avocado gives to the human body are due to the strong presence of omega 3. Basically the fats defined as “good” which have the characteristic of inhibiting the formation of cholesterol.

Avocado originates in a vast geographical area that extends from the central and western mountains of Mexico, through Guatemala to the Pacific Ocean coasts in Central America.

The tree is medium in size and measures about 10 meters high, although it can reach 15-20 m. The foliage is large and leafy and the trunk is covered with a grayish rind. The persistent leaves, 12 to 25 cm long, are simple, oval and green in color. The flowers measure 5-10 mm.