Chives, an aromatic plant with great properties and benefits, very versatile in the kitchen to flavor our dishes and beyond.

A food with interesting properties that we should use more often in the kitchen.

Let’s find out all the benefits and uses of this plant with its characteristic flavor.

Chives, botanically known as Allium schoenoprasum, is an aromatic plant that is part of the Liliaceae family, the same as onion, garlic, leek and shallot. Like the other most used variants, chives also have a decidedly particular taste and are not always appreciated, even if they are lighter and more delicate than garlic or onion.

The fresh leaves of Chives are used chopped to give a delicate onion flavor, perfect in salads and with soft cheeses. It is also very suitable for decorating dishes, with sour cream on potatoes and to accompany meat or fish dishes.