Daikon Cress

Daikon Cress, an edible plant, originally from Japan. Its strong horseradish flavor makes it an authentic flavoring and goes well with raw fish dishes such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring. In a mixed salad it gives that extra something.

Daikon Cress is very popular in Japan where it is called “kaiware” (in Japanese “daikon” means “radish”)

It is produced from seeds of a local radish variety and has an accentuated horseradish flavor. Daikon Cress grows fast and because of this a high quality and uniform germination seed is needed. For this reason Koppert Cress produces the seed on its own in various locations.

Daikon Cress is available all year round and can be stored for up to 7 days at 2-7 ° C. If kept at higher temperatures, it will grow rapidly using the water present in the substrate. If this happens, you need to supply it with some water: it will regain its crispness in a short time.

Daikon Cress is sown and grown on absolutely clean natural fiber substrate. Daikon Cress is produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods and in compliance with hygienic standards for culinary use.

  • Flavor: Cren (horseradish), radish
  • Use: Fish (raw), salads, Japanese dishes
  • Cultivation: Without the use of pesticides, in a controlled and hygienic environment
  • Availability: All year round
  • Storage: Up to 7 days at 2-7 ° C


Daikon Cress


Daikon Cress